Testimonials and experiences from our parents and students at JCA.


Grace Sandefur - Class of 2021

I attended JCA from Pre-K4 through 12th grade and graduated in 2021. JCA taught me many things academically as well as spiritually- this place is so very special to me! It was here that I trusted Christ to be my Savior in elementary school; it was in my high school years here that I answered the call to ministry; and it was here that the Lord changed the direction of what could very well have been an ungodly lifestyle. I am especially thankful for the relationships that I built here. I believe that one of the most important things to look at in a school is those who are employed there- and it is evident in the way they care for and interact with each student that the staff at JCA does not see their position as merely “a job,” but truly a ministry in which the Lord has called them to serve. I am currently a third-year Elementary Education major at Heartland Baptist Bible College, training to (Lord-willing) one day make those same investments in students of my own! Much of where I am today can be pointed right back to the work that the Lord did (and is no doubt still doing) at Joshua Christian Academy.

Grace Sandefur

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Brenna Lumpkins - Class of 2020

I first came to Joshua Christian Academy in 7th grade. I had moved from across the country from everything and everyone I knew, but I was greeted with the most caring and godly individuals who actually wanted to see me succeed. I loved my time at JCA, and I made several life long friends with both the students and teachers. I am currently attending Tarleton State University for a bachelor’s degree in Wildlife sciences. I was worried when I started going to a secular college that I would be swayed by the world, but JCA prepared me to defend my faith and know what I believe. I have a strong relationship with many from JCA and an even stronger relationship with Jesus because of the staff at Joshua Christian Academy.

Brenna Lumpkins


Andrea Baeza - Class of 2020

Throughout my years at JCA, it was evident that the administration and staff were committed to their motto, “Enhancing mind, heart, and spirit.” Each teacher pushed us to do our best and showed every one of us Christ’s love day by day and through each Bible class or Wednesday chapel, our spirit moved. Thanks to JCA and the administration and staff I began attending Pensacola Christian College and am in my senior year pursuing my degree in a Bachelor of Science in Medical Office Administration.

Andrea Baeza


Quinn Lumpkins - Class of 2018

I graduated from Joshua Christian Academy in 2018.  Since then, I have gone on to pursue my bachelor’s degree in Elementary Education at Tarleton State University.   During my four years at JCA, I encountered some of the very best experiences of my life.  The teachers at this school care so deeply for each and every one of their students’ achievements.  I not only enjoyed coming to class each day but once I graduated, I found myself very well-prepared for the collegiate world.  Not only does JCA focus on academic excellence, but it also prioritizes connection and comradery.  Many of my favorite memories and deepest friendships occurred during my high school experience.  We did not just learn; we had fun!  Most importantly, Joshua Christian Academy diligently shepherds its young men and women to their lives’ most important calling, living for Jesus Christ.  We were guided each day into a further relationship with Him.  Every day was filled with learning, laughter, and love!

Quinn Lumpkins

Molly Dorton Testimony 408x363

Molly Dorton - Class of 2015

I first walked into JCA as a scared, little second grader.  I had  no idea of the tremendous impact JCA would have on my life. God was going to use Joshua Christian Academy to totally change my life. Well, second grade was a long time ago, and now that I have graduated, I am so thankful for the staff, the uplifting environment, the friendships, and the life lessons I learned as a student of JCA.  The biblical principles instilled in me at school have, without a doubt, been a game changer for my life.

Molly Dorton

Josiah Sandefur - Class of 2014

Joshua Christian Academy is not just another school.  It’s a school centered on the students and what God wants for them.  It places an incredible priority on laying educational and spiritual foundations for all students.  The atmosphere cultures respect, work ethic, honesty, and other Christian values that are becoming seemingly obsolete in our society.  I attended JCA for six years.  After the time that I spent there, I graduated more than prepared for the life ahead of me.  Two months after I graduated, I became a manager at a local grocery store.  I am going through college now (I started out as a sophomore, thanks to the dual credit opportunity at JCA), and I’m eager to continue the life God has planned for me.

Josiah Sandefur

Cody Dorton Testimony 408x363

Cody Dorton - Class of 2014

JCA has been instrumental in my life.  The staff has an amazing heart for their students and played a key role in developing a firm foundation of faith which I carry with me to this day.  The education I received was an excellent training for the next step in my academic career and has proven invaluable to me.  The sense of community fostered between all students and all faculty members gave me an excellent support system to rely on for many years.  I am very proud to be a member of the Joshua Christian Academy family.

Cody Dorton

Andrew Wolfenbarger Testimony 408x363

Andrew Wolfenbarger - Class of 2007

Joshua Christian Academy impacted my maturation process greatly when I attended. I was a student at a local public school and at a very young age I was doing things that were motivated from peer pressure and driven for the singular purpose of achieving popularity. As a Christian, it is quite difficult to achieve popularity in a secular setting unless you partake in immoral and impure acts. I know without a doubt, that had my parents not had the wisdom to place me in a cleaner and more spiritual environment, I would have resisted the Bible and the instruction that it has for Christians. I am thankful that I was able to attend Joshua Christian Academy and for the faculty who took time to care for me academically, socially, and spiritually.

 Andrew Wolfenbarger

Whitney Vicars Testimony 408x363

Whitney Vicars - Class of 2006

When I came to JCA I was not looking for spiritual guidance in my life but instead looking for a school that would be able to work around my busy horse showing schedule. But, what I received while at JCA was so much more than what I expected.  I grew up only attending church on big days (Christmas, Easter, etc.), but soon after coming to JCA my life would be completely changed.  Through the daily Bible teaching and Chapel services, I realized my need for a Saviour.  I fell in love with God and accepted Jesus into my life.  I then realized that I needed a church home and started attending Joshua Baptist Church where my life was influenced even more.  Before I knew it my family started coming with me and we joined the church together.  Since graduation from JCA I have had the privilege to serve at Joshua Baptist Church, graduate from Arlington Baptist College, and sub at JCA all while being able to continue my family’s business of showing horses.  I am so thankful how God used JCA to change my life forever.

Whitney Vicars