Athletic Covenant

Knights Athletic Covenant

The Knight’s Athletic Covenant is designed to create a Christ-honoring  athletic experience for everyone involved with JCA Athletics.  Athletics is an important part of the school experience, and we view it as a privilege afforded to our students.  Our student athletes, coaches, and parents are expected to follow all JCA standards in order for athletes to be able to participate.  JCA Athletics is designed to build Christian principles, character, and habits into our student athletes.  Complete support in this philosophy is vital to the success of our students, our athletic programs, and our school.
These areas of focus will allow Joshua Christian Academy to be successful regardless of the outcome of any game or match.  Our desire is to build a Christ-like attitude that will impact others for the glory of God. By striving to reach these goals, the school will be able to strengthen and fulfill our Mission Statement and provide a Christ-centered example for the development of our students.

Student Athlete Commitment


As a Student-Athlete, I will attend and be on time to practices, games, and team functions.

As a Student-Athlete, I will contact the coach by noon or earlier that day, to notify that I will be absent.

Work Ethic

As a Student-Athlete, I will be diligent in preparation, displaying a coachable spirit, and providing great effort each time I step on and off the field of play.

As a Student-Athlete, I will not allow negative situations to affect my attitude, effort or demeanor.


As a Student-Athlete, I will demonstrate respect, discipline, humility and self-control in all situations working towards Christ-like character on the field of play.

As a Student-Athlete, I will always be positive toward teammates, opponents, coaches and officials.

As a Student-Athlete, I will refrain from the use of ridicule, harassment, profanity, teasing or name-calling.

As a Student-Athlete, I am afforded the privilege to participate in athletics, thus the responsibility rests on me to adhere to the standards set forth in all student handbooks.


As a Student-Athlete, I will maintain open avenues of communication with teammates, coaches and parents which will help to build community and excellence.

As a Student-Athlete, I will speak to coaches with regards to my role, playing time and areas of needed growth. These kinds of conversations will assist me in working towards developing my sport-specific skills, growth and maturity in my life skills.


As a Student-Athlete, I understand that Team Captains will be selected based on character and leadership ability rather than athletic performance or status.

As a Student-Athlete, I will be responsible to the Captain’s Council (Knights Round Table) for my actions both on and off the field of play.

Honor Code

As a Student-Athlete, I understand that participation on a team is a privilege, not a right.

To remain a Student-Athlete in good standing (remain on the team), I must uphold the Mission Statement of the school and conduct myself in accordance with the Student-Athlete Commitment.

Parent Commitment


As a parent, I understand and agree that Joshua Christian Academy Athletic Department fields competitive programs in each sport.


Playing Time

As a parent, I understand and agree that all players may or may not play during each game.

As a parent, I understand that not all players will have equal playing time.

As a parent, I understand and agree that the coaches will not discuss playing time with parents.

Role Players

As a parent, I understand and agree that each player will have a role to play on their respective team.

As a parent, I understand that the coaching staff will determine the role of the player, and I will support that decision with our child, other parents and coaches.


As a parent, I understand and agree to let the coach’s coach, and the players play while focusing my energy on encouraging and cheering rather than giving direction to my child from the stands or sidelines.

Payment of Fees

As a parent, I understand and agree to pay all athletic fees associated by the published due date for each season. All participation fees and player package fees will be billed and paid through FACTS and managed through the Finance Office. Fees not paid by required deadlines will result in Student-Athlete being removed from participation.

Conflict Resolution

As a parent, I will demonstrate Christ-like behavior in resolving conflict. I will follow the Matthew 18 principle and will not complain, gossip or criticize those with whom I may have a disagreement.

As a parent, I will refer to the General Athletic Communication policy found in the Athletic Handbook for further information.

Coaches Commitment

As a Coach, I am responsible to select Student Athletes that best represent Joshua Christian Academy’s Mission Statement without regard to ability or status. If a student does not represent the Mission Statement, he/she should not be selected as a member of the team.

As a Coach, I will use a holistic approach when evaluating a Student-Athlete using qualities such as character, integrity, leadership, coach ability and a love for the sport.

As a Head Coach, I will have the responsibility to make sure there is no sense of entitlement based on contributions, status or influence within the program.

As a Coach, I will instruct Student-Athletes using positive methods to create an ideal learning environment.

As a Coach, I will assist in the total development of all athletes by helping them through their life journey, not just their athletic journey.

As a Coach, I will provide an open line of communication with Student-Athletes that allows for questions and feedback for means of improvement.

As a Coach, I will approach parents individually or collectively to pass along necessary feedback during the season. Student-Athletes will also be encouraged to accurately communicate with their parents about their experiences on the team.

As a Coach, I agree to have my team and entire coaching staff participate in a “man down” emergency drill.

As a Coach, I will take the responsibility to select team captains that will best emulate the core Christian values expected at Joshua Christian Academy. Those positions will not be based on status, position or ability.

As a Coach, I will communicate to Student-Athletes and parents all necessary information needed for fees, practice and game schedules and any other program needs prior to the first game at a mandatory parent meeting.

As a Coach, I will create and implement a meaningful practice structure to enhance instruction, development and effective use of time for all teams within the program.

As a Coach, I will work toward the desired outcome of developing the total Student-Athlete to become champions for Christ.

As a Coach, I understand that coaching at Joshua Christian Academy is a privilege and not a right. I will remain in good standing and uphold the Mission Statement of the school and conduct myself according to God’s Honor Code.

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