Why Christian Education

Mckenna Working

Educating through Christ-centered Academics


With all the different educational options out there for children, why choose Joshua Christian Academy? What sets it apart from all the other, less expensive possibilities?

While no school can guarantee that when a student leaves its doors, he will have an intimate walk with God, always make God-honoring decisions, or will fulfill God’s will for his life, as parents and educators, we are given the responsibility in Proverbs 22:6 to “train up a child in the way he should go.”

JCA attempts to do just that. We want to partner with parents and help them to train up their children in the ways of God. At Joshua Christian Academy our mission is to:  

1)      Develop a student’s Christian character through Biblical principles
2)      Grow a child’s heart for God
3)      Provide Christ-centered academics
4)      Maintain a high standard for success  

A child’s education is one of the most influential decisions a parent makes. Let’s face it – there’s a great deal at stake. Education is not merely reading, writing, and arithmetic. It is academic, social, physical, and spiritual. What children learn during their school age years will stay with them for the rest of their lives – the good and the bad.

Children are worth the investment. They are valuable and vulnerable.  Is a child worth the risk? God has charged parents with the responsibility to raise their children in a way that will bring honor to Him; why not let Joshua Christian Academy partner with you?